Plotter - examples

Some examples of plots created by plotter, just to get an idea what it might be good for. The images on this page are drawn on the fly: the URLs of the plots (yes, the ugly one with the ridiculously long query string) were created once in the UI part and copied into the src-attribute in an image-tag (see the page source for an example).

Whenever the page is loaded or reloaded, the plotter creates images and serves them to the browser.

A plot of a single period of sine and cosine (\(x\) in the range of \(0\) to 2\(\pi\)). The settings used for this plot are

This is a plot showing the movement of an underdamped harmonic oscillator: $$ y(t) = A \cdot e^{-\gamma t} \cos(\omega t + \phi) $$ for a linear damping force \( F = -c\cdot v \) and a damping coefficient of \( \gamma = \frac{c}{2m} \). Underdamping occurs when the damping coefficient is lower than the undamped resonant frequency of the oscillator.

For the example plot an amplitude \(A = 4\), a phase \(\phi = 0\), damping coefficient \(\gamma = 1/3\) and a frequency of \(\omega = 3\) was used.

The switching process at \(x=0\) is modeled by a Heaviside function.

Here's a real-life example: a plot of a rational function created for one of my basic maths tests

Just to show the possibility, the last plot is a bit more funky (yeah!): this is a gaussian distribution centered around 2 with a variance of 1. The area below the curve is filled and the image is blurred and embossed by GD's filters. Finally the whole plot is rotated clockwise by 10°.