The function plotter... 

... is a simple tool to plot curves of functions (rsp. their derivatives or integrals) in cartesian coordinates. Use it to to display common mathematical functions or expressions as jpeg, png or gif image.

The lower tab allows to calculate tables of function values (in csv, text or laTeX format) and get a hyperlink to reproduce an image on the fly (using an URL or QRcode).


quadrants:       size:
f(x) +C: color #
show: f(x)   df/dx   ∫f(x)dx
range: to         legend
g(x) +C: color #
show: g(x)   dg/dx   ∫g(x)dx
range: to         legend
h(x) +C: color #
show: h(x)   dh/dx   ∫h(x)dx
range: to         legend
hull function=
substitute Q=
Define named points to be displayed in the graph:
add or remove points with +/-.
color #
plot properties
 width:         height:   
 x-axis from  to
 y-axis from  to
 intervals x-axis:  y-axis:
 grid lines: x-axis  y-axis
 dashes length: x-axis  y-axis
 decimal places:  gap at origin:  
 graph thickness:    variable name:
 log. scale x: No 2 e 10 100 or
 log. scale y: No 2 e 10 100 or
background # caption # grid # gap #
image properties
image type:
apply filter

Calculate, Link & Save

Enter an expression and some variable values below, then hit calculate to produce sample points

Enter some variable values and a formula to be calculated, functions defined for the plot above can be copied using one of the buttons labeled f(x), g(x) or h(x). Variables will usually be simple numbers, separate multiple input values (x) by spaces.

Select one of the checkboxes to chose a format for your samples:

  • results - a string of function values, separated by spaces
  • table - a simple html table including variable values
  • csv - colon separated values including variable values
  • latex - code to layout a table including variable values in laTeX
calculate discrete values:
Input value(s):

Load & save:

In case you want to link to the graph or cannot use one of the image formats provided, the graph in the plotter can be reproduced any time by the following URL

Every image drawn by plotter can be dynamically reproduced by a simple call to plotter's image creating part (graph.php). All the information needed is placed in a query string appended to its URL.

Because this is an ugly beast, I added my own URL shortener - the link via is equivalent to the long one.

Of course, this Information can be used to load an existing plot, e.g. to modify some of its Settings - that is what the button labeled Load graph is for.

URI QR-encoded

full URL to your image file